Statutory Information

Please find below key information and documents relating to the Trust.

Financial information for the Trust will be available here after the first full financial period.

The Academy Trust Handbook requires that the trust publish on its website, in a separate readily accessible form, the number of employees whose benefits exceed £100k in £10K bandings, as an extract from the disclosure contained in it financial statements and including the a prior year’s comparative figures.

Where the trust has entered into an off-payroll arrangement with someone who is not an employee, the amount paid by the trust for that person’s work for the trust must also be included in the website disclosure where payment exceeds £100k as if they were an employee.

Benefits for this purpose include salary, employers’ pension contribution, other taxable benefits and termination payments

During the course of the academic year 2021-2022 no employee of the trust or individual engaged via an off-payroll arrangement received benefits exceeding £100k. However, applying a full time equivalent salary during the entirely of the academic year 2021-2022 the trust would have provided the following disclosure:


Number of Employees

Relevant £10,000 bandings



£100,001 – £110,000


£110,001 – £120,000

£120,001 – £130,000

£130,001 – £140,000

£140,001 – £150,000

£150,001 – £160,000


Data relating to Trade Union Facility Time will be published here.

Notre Dame High School - Sheffield
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