St Clare

St Clare of Assisi was born into a wealthy Italian family in 1193. From an early age she dedicated her life to God, with a particular draw to care for the poor and to simplicity.

When she was 18 years old, Clare heard Francis of Assisi preach. Clare was inspired by his words and asked Francis to help her in dedicating her life to God. She left behind the wealth and luxury she had been born into, seeking to follow more closely the example of Jesus.

She was soon joined by other women who became known as the ‘poor ladies’ and this was the foundation of the Order of Saint Clare, an order that carries on their work to this day.

Our logo is taken from a famous image of St Clare. It comes from a story about Clare taking the Eucharistic Host from the chapel at a time when Assisi was under threat from invaders. Her prayers for protection and her faith in God’s presence are believed to be the reason why Assisi was spared invasion. The logo also shows the idea of the light of Christ which was St Clare’s guide and the guide for all those who took inspiration from her.

St Clare is known for her simple and ordinary life of prayer and her service of others. In her prayer, St Clare taught her sisters to gaze at, consider, contemplate and imitate Jesus. Hers was a life not complicated by seeking to impress others, but instead she found joy and confidence by seeking to be fully the person God created her to be.

Our trust takes great joy in having been given the name of this great woman. We take inspiration too in the close ties between St Clare and St Francis in the way we work in partnership with our sister trust, St Francis CMAT.

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